Spa Products

Products When it comes to providing comfort, we have you in mind. The spa carries two incredible product lines for your continued relaxation pleasure at home. We firmly believe in their benefits and effectiveness and use them within the spa during your treatments. We carry Mother Earth Pillows® to provide additional health benefits optimizing your journey to serenity and better health.

Golden Flax Pillows

Discover a way to aid your therapy with Mother Earth Pillows®. Used at the spa to enhance your experience and bring soothing relief, these all natural pillows bring you comfort between therapeutic massages and treatments. Flax seed and buckwheat hulls provide the natural benefits your body deserves. Use these products to augment relaxation and comfort and reduce tension and pain.

Made from golden flax seeds, this pillow excels at retaining heat or cold, remains durable for the greatest length of time, conforms to the body, and provides a therapeutic weight. The pillows can be chilled, warmed, or used at room temperature for customized use. Warming provides relaxation, relieves tension, and affects the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. While cooling helps alleviate swelling. They are beneficial for migraines, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder injuries, hips, gluteus and hamstrings, as well as computer users. They have removable, washable covers.

  • Triggerpoint Pillows: Their shape and design allow the pillow to be used on just about every part of the body that is experiencing pain. Because they are made from flax seed, they conform to the largest or smallest area of your body. From shoulders to elbows and wrists to ankles, knees and lower back, reduce your pain and tension. When used on your chest it helps with congestion and is beneficial for sleep as well.
  • Eye Pillows: Place over eyes to aid in rest and relaxation. Gentle weight around the eye area reduces tension and headaches. It helps reduce migraine and sinus headaches, as well as reduces puffiness and eyestrain after computer use. Warm for headaches, chill for migraines. Use at room temperature for relaxation. Removable washable cover (no zippers - no Velcro). 
  • Small Heartbeat Pillows: Used to improve the effectiveness of massage therapy these heart shaped pillows hug the body wherever applied helping with circulation and cell oxygenation. Its weight helps deepen respiration and increase relaxation response. Not just for spa and massage, they are designed for extra benefits in home health as well.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

A time honored natural pillow fill, these pillows have unmatchable features. They are able to support any weight and conform to any contour. Unlike other pillows, buckwheat pillows “breathe.” That is they allow air to flow through them easily. The pillows are filled loosely to best fit to your desire. Buckwheat hulls are almost indestructible and are likely to outlast any other filler material currently on the market. Totally hypoallergenic.